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Results Driven Proven SEO Strategies


Digital marketing Lancashire offers a range of digital marketing services and techniques, enabling us to build tailored SEO campaigns with proven results to put your brand at the top of search engine results.


We provide a full auditing service, including technical health checks, to understand where your business stands against the competition.


When we develop your campaign, we set out our effective recommendations in a way you can understand, so you do not have to worry or be confused.


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How SEO Services Can Help Your Business Grow



Regardless of your business size, SEO is important to businesses of all sizes. You may feel that well-established businesses don't need SEO, or those small businesses can't rank highly against their competition.


According to research, 75% of search engine users don't look past the first page of results! Google's top search results are guaranteed to drive direct and organic traffic to your website and, therefore, to increase your customer base.

Technical SEO

Our technical team can assess and maintain the health of your site, giving you the opportunity to tap into its full potential. It is one of the most important aspects of SEO because it is how search engines understand and crawl your website.


Link Building


Having high-quality backlinks from relevant websites is essential to generating traffic. We help our clients build links organically.


Local SEO


We can optimize your site to target customers in a specific location if necessary. It’s no longer as simple as including your location as a keyword; with intelligent maps, internet users. Our experts can implement the most up-to-date SEO techniques that can target customers in your chosen location.


Mobile SEO


People all over the world access websites through their smartphones. Having a mobile-friendly website is therefore essential to attract these users. You can rely on our experts to optimize your site for mobile browsers and for mobile SEO.




By optimizing your content for search engine rankings, our experts can improve the quality of your content. By attracting an audience that genuinely cares about your content, you are able to drive organic traffic to your site.


SEO Audit


Through market and consumer research, our SEO audit helps to determine where exactly you should be focusing your efforts. Digital marketing Lancashire can help you drive organic and direct traffic to your website through technical SEO, content creation, and backlinks.


What are the Benefits of Local SEO?

To get your business the best possible search engine exposure, our Local SEO services use a much more relevant approach. In companies like estate agencies and recruitment agencies, it's extremely relevant since you're likely to target customers within a 25-mile radius of your branch. The idea is not to target terms like "rent my flat", but rather local search terms like "rent my flat in Manchester".


Consequently, localized content is highly relevant to your customers. In addition to the broad local SEO phrases mentioning the county, you can also work on specific areas within your county, such as Salford and Bury. Your business will be competing mainly with other local companies, rather than competing on a national level, which will narrow the competition and increase your chances of getting more leads and sales.

Why Choose Us?


Our love of what we do comes through in our work, enabling us to deliver great results for our clients. Having knowledge of the local area and how local audiences want to be addressed and what motivates them to buy allows us to give your Manchester business the best boost possible.



Free Website Audit



We need to conduct a full audit of your site before we begin any work, so we can pinpoint and address any issues. We analyze all aspects of your site and provide you with a comprehensive report that describes our recommendations in plain English.



The Benefits of SEO and Digital Marketing


A higher ranking in Google means more foot traffic to your physical location. SEO makes your business more visible online so you receive new customers. Using Google Maps and Google My Business to optimize your business can generate more traffic, leads, and sales. If you optimize your website for localized terms, you will attract targeted traffic and better leads. Website optimization will increase your conversion rate, which will increase your revenue.


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