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Technical SEO Services

Establish a Solid Digital Foundation and Rank High in Search Results


Your bounce rate rises for every second your website takes to load, and you lose important leads. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency's technical search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you improve the performance of your website and attract high-quality leads and visitors.

What exactly is technical SEO, and why is it important?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that your website complies with search engine criteria so that it may be crawled and indexed without issue. A technical SEO audit's main purpose is to examine your website's existing SEO and decide which parts need to be improved for a seamless online experience. User preferences have shifted drastically over time, and search engines have gotten more sophisticated. Because of the tremendous increase in smartphone usage, Google has released an algorithm change that prioritises site performance and mobile experience when ranking web sites.

Google can now punish websites with poor structure, sluggish page load times, and erroneous redirection. These technical SEO concerns, if not addressed properly, may result in a significant decline in search ranks and organic visitors. Given that the top organic search results receive approximately 35% of hits, a drop in position might be disastrous for your company.

SEO Northwest: The First Step Toward Better Search Results

SEO for technical reasons

At the heart of algorithm adjustments is a single goal: to give the greatest possible user experience. To do so, you must first thoroughly grasp what technical SEO is, what it comprises, and how you can use SEO technical audit to guarantee your website complies with search engine criteria and industry standards.

Site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), XML sitemap status, and content quality are all components of technical on-page SEO. These elements are crucial to the online performance of your website. A 10-second page load time, according to Google, might result in a 123 percent rise in bounce rate.

A one-second delay in mobile page loading time can result in a 20% fall in conversion rate, an 11% decrease in page visits, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Don't wait until technical SEO difficulties have negative SEO repercussions for your site. Invest in technical SEO for eCommerce, WordPress, and other content management systems (CMS) today to save time and money later.

Schedule a conversation with one of our SEO agency Northwest professionals to learn more about technical SEO for WordPress and its importance to your business.

Local SEO Services

Improve Your Search Rankings Without Creating New Content

To increase the profitability of your website in this competitive digital market, you must remain up to speed on the newest technical on-page SEO methods and algorithm improvements. Understanding what technical SEO is and what it requires helps you to build your web pages for both online visitors and search engine crawlers.

SEO technical optimization entails the following procedures:

  • Execute a crawl error report

  • Getting rid of redundant content

  • Examining a selected domain

  • Metadata enhancement

  • Examining HTTPS status codes

  • Examining broken connections

  • Making an XML sitemap Putting Secure Sockets Layer in Place (SSL)

  • Increasing the site's speed

  • Making use of robots.txt

  • Website mobile optimization

  • Auditing reroutes

  • Conducting a Google site search

We recognise that navigating the intricate requirements and methods of technical optimization SEO on your own while managing your main company activities can be time-consuming, expensive, and resource intensive. That is why we have technical SEO professionals on hand to assist you.

Is the technical on-page SEO functionality of your website impeding your organic search performance? Allow our SEO Northwest Agency to perform the legwork for you. Entrust Thrive with your SEO technical assessment and optimization and reach your full development potential.

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